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Coconut rice recipe is one of the most favorite South Indian foods at India. A beautiful aroma of the curry leaves and fresh coconut makes the rice very flavorful. This coconut rice is very easy to make and also very simple, it can be prepared in just a few minutes if the fresh grated coconut and cooked rice are ready. You can serve this coconut rice with any simple curry or curd and with a fresh vegetable salad. It can also be made on the festivals for the lunch.

You can mostly make this for the kid’s lunch box and can pack with sliced carrots and cucumbers. You can eat the coconut rice with soya chunks kurma, jackfruit seeds kurma, or paneer kurma, potato kurma. They go very well with the coconut rice.

This coconut rice recipe is very simple as well as very easy and quick one. You can also add a handful of grated carrot or a little grated raw mango or can also add a tablespoon of lemon juice, mint leaves or coriander leaves. They can make the rice very flavorful.

Time span:

This coconut rice recipe is a very quick recipe. To prepare the ingredients you will need only about 10 minutes and to cook this recipe only 15 minutes is needed. Total 25 minutes is enough to complete this coconut rice recipe. This recipe is one of the most basic tempered rice that is made with the fresh grated coconut and the curry leaves. It is served as a main dish and you can serve this quantity to maximum 2 persons.

Ingredients needed (I have used a 240 ml)

1 cup of cooked rice (can be used any kind of rice)

Half cup of grated coconut (can be used fresh or frozen) (adjust it to suit your taste)

Salt (as needed)

1 green chili that is slit or chopped

1 broken red chili (this is optional)

1 and a half tablespoon of ghee or coconut oil

Half tablespoon of mustard

Half tablespoon of cumin (this is optional)

A pinch of hing

Half to three fourth tablespoon of chana dal

Half to three tablespoon of urad dal

1 tablespoon of chopped ginger

Cashews or peanuts (as needed)

Step by step coconut rice recipe

Step no 1. Wash and soak the rice and then cook them to grainy in the way you like to cook. You can pressure cook or can also cook in a pot. Then cool it completely.

Step no 2. Add ghee or oil to a pan that is hot and heat the oil. Then in the heated oil add mustard, cumin, also the dals and cashews or peanuts. Now fry them until the dals starts to become golden. Then also add the ginger, green chili, also the red chili and curry leaves. Fry them also until the leaves starts become crisp. Now add the hing.

Step no 3. After that add the coconut and also add the rice. Now sprinkle the salt over it and mix well. If you wish to use fried coconut then you can fry the coconut first until it starts to smell good. And then add the rice and salt.

Step no 4. Now turn the stove off and mix everything very well.

Step no 5. And the tasty coconut rice is ready. Serve the coconut rice with a simple curry or yogurt and a vegetable salad or with whatever side dish you like.

Quick view of the coconut rice recipe

Wash the rice and cook them in the regular way you would do it. You can cook either in the cooker or in a pot. You have to make sure the rice is grainy and do not mushy. Now cool the rice completely.

Freshly grated or frozen any kind of coconut can be used to make this coconut rice. You can increase the quantity or can also decrease if you wish.

How to make the coconut rice

Add ghee or oil in a pan and heat it. Then add the cumin, mustard, also the dals and cashews. And when the dal starts to become golden, add the ginger, green chili, curry leaves and red chili. And then sprinkle hing over it.

Now add the coconut, also the rice and salt. Turn off the stove and stir everything very well. But if you want to add the fried coconut, then fry the coconut first and then add the rice.

And the delicious coconut rice is ready. Serve the coconut rice with a simple curry or yogurt or a vegetable salad.

Nutrition Facts

This coconut rice is a very nutritious food. Here the amounts per serving is added (based on a 2000 calorie diet. It may be lower or higher depending on the persons calorie needs). This coconut rice has calories of 147.0, total fat of 6.0 g. it also has total 22.0 g carbohydrates and has 2.0 g of protein, 1.0 g of dietary fiber.

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