Mushroom Sandwich Recipe

Mushroom sandwich is a simple bread sandwich made with sliced mushrooms and cheese. This healthy, delicious and mouth- watering mushroom sandwich can be served for breakfast or snack.

It is another time saving recipe you can get in your breakfast! It needs only 20 minutes to cook and you can easily prepare this delicious and healthy mushroom sandwich recipe within only 5 minutes! So you can get ready the dish within 25 minutes.

To make this mushroom sandwich, you will have to make the filling from the garlic and mushroom.  As this mushroom sandwich is going to taste amazing, flavorful, hot and spicy you will love this if you love spicy food. You can also use this stir fried mushroom and bell peppers or this mushroom omelet for the filling, if hot and spicy foods are not your thing. You   can use any bread you have in hand including a burger bun.

Nutrition facts of Mushroom Sandwich:

Ingredients for mushroom sandwich recipe (Here I use a cup of 240 ml):

For this recipe you have to ready 2 slices of whole grain or brown bread, 1 table spoon of butter or 1 tea spoon olive oil, 2 to 3 chopped garlic cloves, 1 thinly sliced medium sized onion, three fourth to 1 cup of sliced mushrooms, grated Cheese as desired or 3 to 4 table spoon and herb of your choice. You have to be conscious about the amount of salt because cheese is salted. So you have to add a little amount of salt.

Quick cooking method for Mushroom Sandwich:

  • Spread the butter over the bread and toast it until it appears golden. Skip this if you already have a sandwich maker.
  • Heat a pan or grill pan with vegetable oil. Sauté garlic, green chili and onions until onions begin to be golden color.
  • Add mushrooms and sprinkle very little salt. Sauté until the mushroom is fully cooked.
  • Place this on the bread and spread some cheese with it.
  • Then place another peace of bread. After that grill it in a grill pan or oven or in a sandwich toaster. The cheese will melt and the bread turns crisp.
  • Cut the mushroom sandwich and serve hot.

mushroom sandwich

Another cooking method #1:

Step no 1:  you need to slice and butter the bread and toast it on a griddle or in a oven that is pre heated at 240o C for 5 minutes.

Step no 2: Spread the filling evenly.

Step no 3: Spread the mayonnaise evenly.  You need to remember that you cannot use mayonnaise with eggs.

Step no 4: Place your lettuce or any green leaf or vegetable as you like.

Step no 5: now also place some onions and tomatoes that are deseeded over it. Then you need to place little bit of mayonnaise over the onion and tomatoes again and place your other slice of bread.

Now your desired mushroom sandwich is completely ready. You can also wrap it and take it to your home or workplace.

You may  try this  “Grilled Mushroom  Sandwich” recipe

You can prepare this  delicious food in a grill pan. You can also make it in a bread toaster or in a preheated oven. By using this idea and you can make many variations to this grilled mushroom cheese sandwich recipe. For this recipe you have to follow the following cooking steps:

Step no 1:  at first smear butter as directed amount over your bread. Then toast it until it turns golden in whatever way you like. You can do it in the pan. If you want to make this in a sandwich maker then you can skip this step.

Step no 2: Add 1 table spoon of oil and sauté green chili, garlic and onions until all of them turns pink or golden color.

Step no 3: Add sliced mushrooms and sprinkle salt as per your taste.

Step no 4: Sauté until they are cooked as per your taste.

Step no 5: place the cooked mushrooms over the bread. Place the cheese and another bread slice over the mushrooms.

Step no 6: Grill it in the oven or in a pan or toaster. If you are using a pan then place another heavy pan over the bread.  Leave it until the cheese melts.

Serve mushroom sandwich hot.

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